Powerful Development Programs for You and Your Team

In every team there comes the moment when true cooperation is the only way to success – or survival. The Hunting TerritoryTM Method creates this moment in advance. As a leader you will learn to predict, detect and resolve team issues. You will be able to design clear scenarios for cooperation before damaging conflict escalates. The Hunting TerritoryTM method assists you to establish clear channels of communication and an effective feedback system.

1 - Insights into the Hunting TerritoryTM - Presentation

Richly illustrated with short, sharp video clips about positive and disruptive team behaviours from professional sports teams. Always generates a lively discussion and leaves vivid memories for the participants.

2 - The Hunting TerritoryTM Project Optimisation Program

Via the facilitated delivery of a key project for the business, develop:

  • Project capability and capacity of the organization.
  • Project management and high performing team skills of individuals.

3 - The Hunting TerritoryTM Transformational Change Program

Via one-on-one coaching and co-facilitation throughout the Hunting Territory process the leader of the change program becomes an integral facilitator and ultimate owner of the diagnostic, delivery and review process. Empowering the leader in such a way that ensures that all team members are committed and accountable for the outcomes.